Our Investment Strategy

Methodical, rigorous and disciplined investors

We focus on sectors where we have an institutional edge and where our experienced team and world class operating partners can drive long-term growth and investment out-performance. We consider both the macro trends and micro strategies to help drive the business plan of these strategies. We invest predominantly in the US and Europe but have a proven track record of helping our platforms expand internationally.

Real estate

We focus on value-added and opportunistic real estate investments.

We target opportunities to deploy capital below replacement value and where our investment thesis is supported by constrained short-to-medium term supply and strong long-term demand.

We benefit from a strong pipeline of investment opportunities created by the broad network and deep industry connections of our experienced board and senior team.

Private equity

We invest in private equity businesses in the healthcare and education sectors, typically backed by significant real estate assets.

We focus on businesses with stable revenue and earnings, and where we identify an opportunity to create additional value through a buy-and-build strategy.

Our private equity team has a long track record of investing in the healthcare and education sectors and a deep understanding of the growth drivers of these businesses.

Strong synergies

Our in-house real estate and private equity investment teams have proven execution expertise and many decades of investing experience.

Crucially, our deep understanding of the value drivers of both operational businesses and real estate assets creates strong synergies between our teams.

We also partner with world class operating or management teams to drive value creation and investment outperformance.